What a beautiful day it was! I was at home, mosi called me, aiase hi kuch bhi baat krte hue discussion went to past lives and mosi said, we were connected in our past lives also, I have seen you.I said, mujhe bhi experience karna hai past life.Mosi said, beta past life aiase hi nahi hoti, purpose hona chahiye.I said, purpose jan ne k liye hi to past life me jana hai. Kaha pe chora tha pichle janam me shareer taki is janam me uske aage se shuru kar saku.She said, chal fir tujhe Dr. Pushpa Goyal ji ke paas le chalti hui. She is expert in past life regression.Jo experience tha, I cant explain in words here but it was truly amazing. Thanks to Dr. Pushpa Ji for letting me experience this wonderful journey of life in a more beautiful way. Looking forward for more deeper experiences.

By - Abhishek Goel

It is true it is doctor’s duty to heal and treat his patients but sometimes, there are some patients who treat their doctor. Surprised? Yes it happens in my case. By profession I am an orthopedician. Once it happened 10 years ago a patient came in my hospital whose right leg was fractured and by operating her we had to put a steel rod in her leg. It was a major operation and we had a doubt there are chances that she won’t be able to walk properly because it might decrease length of her right leg. But operation was successful and she became perfectly alright but she had to be there in hospital for at least 20 days. It was a painful procedure but she didn’t show any sign of pain. Whenever I visited her room I found she and people around her always laughing. She didn’t show long face unlike other patients. I started enjoying their company. People who used to come to see her were also fun loving persons. One day I asked their secret of happiness. They told me the reason for their happiness is meditation. These people used to do meditation together at the patient’s place. Patient’s name was Pushpa. I was surprised because according to me one is interested in meditation or any spiritual thing when he is finished with worldly duties or it is the work of old people. I asked them why! What is the reason of your meditation? They said “to enjoy this life to the fullest”. I was confused meditation and enjoyment? She told me why don’t you try. She asked me to do a simple technique. I enjoyed it too much. When I was practiced it regularly I realized that meditation is nothing but awareness. Earlier when I used to work I used to come back home very exhausted but now quality og my work is different, now I am fully relaxed when I am dealing with patients. Actually to me meditation is an art to be fully relaxed and when you are relaxed you can serve better not only the people who are coming to you but yourself too.

By - Dr. Suneel (50)

Before and After – these are two clearly differentiated periods in my life, before and after meditation. I believe the times we are living in to be one of the most trying times for human kind. For every outer struggle you have to face the inner struggle. We are more oriented on the destination or the result rather than the journey itself. I too was caught up in this mad race. And the result of it was depression, complains and irritation. And one fine day I realized that it was because I was no longer true to myself. I no longer listen to my heart. Meditation makes me strong and clears to my vision. Because of meditation i accept myself as I am. Thanks to Dr. Pushpa to improve my life.

By - Razmi (34) Documentary Film Maker

I have been suffering from Asthma for years. Aritra pointed out my problems straight away while the Doctors I had seen for the last 14 years could not fix the problems. After 3 sessions with the Therapist at Aritra my Asthma has been cured. Now it’s been 3 years now no symptoms seen. I am happy and Thanks to Aritra.

By - Rohit Sharma (businessman)

My name is rahul gupta. Presently i am 21 years of old. I have been stammering from my childhood days and recently got a bit frustrated with this habit of mine. I have tried various techniques to cure this problem but each time it turned into a failure. Then one day i heard about hypnotherapy to curr stammering. I googled the same and found the reference of Dr. Pushpa goyal. I consulted her and she told me how a childhood event or trauma can cause stammering problem. She treated me and took me in my childhood days through hypnotism and i was able to reach to the point which i considered the root cause of my problem. Currently i am practising the techniques which she taught me. I am feeling really positive. Most of my problem disappearer within a month of the treatment. I am still continuing the techniques and i am confident that the remaining problem will also vanish.

By - Rahul Gupta

Thank you Pushpa Goyal, for taking my hand and help me walk through this journey. You’re my superhuman hero, thank you for making me what I am today. Happy Teacher’s Day!!

By - Simran Kaur Suri

Stress Management Training

Stress Management Workshop for Corporate

Most of us spend a major part of the time of our life at work where we manage challenging tasks in all possible areas and work hard for achievements.

Unfortunately, in managing so much we forget one thing and that is - managing our personal care. And howsoever successful we become - life in general ends up in stress, often to the point of illness.

Is it really necessary to get stressed in dealing with the challenges of life or is it possible to manage our own personal relaxation along with managing the things outside?  

If we can manage an inner relaxation along with the active life outside, we can bring a totally new quality to our life. A relaxed person lives a better life, an effective life and a creative life. This quality of the person will be reflected in work and in human relations, both.

The Workshop has been designed incorporating what is needed for a change from a stressful lifestyle to a relaxed, playful and creative choice of living -and techniques showing how to do it.

Around the world, today - the most successful, intelligent and capable people live in stress. Seems like something is missing.

Who is responsible for stress - outer situations or the person?

Is relaxation a personal capacity, a choice or it is out of our control?

About the Process:

Establishing the understanding of stress within us.

Even though we have all the knowledge about stress, we would like to live without it - and still there is stress. Why our knowledge and what we want is not working effectively?

What can practically work? In workshop through a deep experiential process one learns that powerful art.

The Methodology of the workshop is an experiential process with many different techniques including: active meditations, awareness exercises, centering exercises, experience of inner acceptance, breathing techniques, guided hypnosis, understanding on communication and more.

The process works to give experience of relaxation at Body, Mind and Emotional level.

  • How the Body can be healthy, sensitive and joyful.
  • How the Mind can be more creative and useful.
  • How we can avoid the situations and difficulties strong Emotions create. How a mastery of the emotions is possible - so that we are not dragged by emotions into unwanted situations – but our wisdom guides our life.

Having a healthy body, an effective & creative mind and using the emotional energy but not being used by them, brings a difference in personal and professional life.

And such person also becomes an inspiration to the whole working environment in the business…

Relaxation takes care of individuals and their effectiveness and creativity. The second important thing is to have healthy and harmonious human relations as much of our stress comes from our conflicts.

In the workshop one learns to use the Understanding of Communication for better relations and team work - a conflict free, productive atmosphere.

An effective communicator understands himself/herself better and also the other - and that gives power to bring the results.

As explained, the workshop is about how to change the quality of the ‘self’ at all levels and the ‘relations’ with others.

Change in the life of the individual brings the change in whatever he/she is does.

Our actions reflect our being - If I become different, whatever I do will have a different quality.

Objectives include:

  • A healthy life at body, mind and emotional levels.
  • Learn tools to understand and deal with stress and stressful situations creatively.
  • Achieving a capacity to stay relaxed and undisturbed to use the personal body-mind capacities at optimum.
  • Enhancing inner motivation.
  • Creating a great workplace where work is more enjoyable and relaxed.
  • Experience, understand and change our attitudes towards the change, speed and stress, and learn how to live with and to embrace change.
  • Transform our fear of failures and mistakes into intelligent courageous creativity.
  • Evaluating our Communication Skills, learning how to create a harmonious working atmosphere and to avoid conflicts in work situations.
  • Using various Meditation Techniques to enhance awareness in daily life.
  • Learning a different approach – working out of need or out of overflow?
  • The value of being present.
  • Using work as self transformation process.
  • Taking care of oneself, while taking care of everything else.
  • Developing sensitivity and awareness to life fully.

The approach of the workshop is participatory. The participants are actively involved in all the activities making the whole workshop a collective experience. With light and soothing music playing in the background, the experts make the participants practice various meditation techniques. This workshop is very interactive in nature and fun-filled. With light and soothing music playing in the background, these meditation exercises, under the supervision of expert trainers, give a wonderful feeling of joy and happiness

In addition to White board & marker, LCD Projector & an audio system, kindly also make arrangements for space in the room for floor demonstrations. Mats & sheets will also be required.


The workshop duration can be customized depending upon the number of participants & their needs .Minimum recommended time is half day & can be programmed for full 5-7 days , residential or non residential.